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  • Wedding Videos
  • Marketing/Promotional Videos
  • Television Commercials & Infomercials
  • Event Coverage
  • Training & Safety Videos
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Music Videos

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Stunning High Definition

Today, we live in a world where technology is constantly changing. We’re talking higher resolutions, bigger screens, and content that’s built for being mobile.

At JP Taylor Creative, stunning high definition video production is our specialty. It’s what why we started the business in the first place! With state-of-the-art cameras, we shoot footage and create quality products that are clearly recognizable and garner attention.

All of our video productions are shot in at least full 1080p High Definition and sometimes 4K resolution. What does that mean for you? No matter who views your video, or where they view it, every single detail comes to life!

State of the Art Equipment

Here at JP Taylor Creative, we use only state of the art professional video, audio, and editing equipment by the most reputable brands! This includes Canon brand cameras, lenses that shoot clear and crisp images up close and far away, microphones that are the very best at recording speeches to singing, LED lighting, and Adobe Creative Suite to perform all of our editing. This is the industry best that many of the Pro’s use.  This gives us the capability to create a custom product for each of our clients and not just some cookie cutter wedding/event video.

Oh, did we also mention we have a drone? No. Well. Now we did. That means we can get aerial shots of just about anything!

Graphics, Animation, Music, & More!

What’s a video without all the extras that go with it? Our creative process includes creating graphics that compliment your video. Logos, call to actions, titles, and contact information are just a few examples of the types of graphics you’ll see in any video production!

Of course, those graphics are pretty boring if they just come in and sit on the screen. We can make your logo pop, call attention to a web site or phone number, or even used custom built graphics to tell your entire story. We also specialize in voiceovers, with several different voice actors to choose from so your video has the perfect style.

Finally, we also offer anything else you could think of when it comes to creating and distributing your video. DVD and Blu-Ray authoring, case and insert design, tele prompting, and much more! We’ll even work with media agencies to deliver your video in the format specifications required.

Storage & Edits

We’re happy to offer online storage for all of our video productions! This way you can share your video with clients, friends, family, and more.

We also understand that sometimes, things change. You may get a new logo, have a new motto, or even add and remove services to your business. Heck, we’ve even done it a few times.

We retain 100% of the work parts from your video production so that small things like logos and taglines can be changed in an instant! Or, we can replace small portions of your production to update it to what you’re doing today. All so you don’t have to start over from scratch.

Our Process


The first step in our creative process is to sit down and have a conversation about what goals you have and how we can turn them into reality. Over coffee, preferably.


We immediately get to work researching digital media trends that have been successful in your industry. We look at marketing campaigns to see what works, and more importantly what doesn’t.


It’s time to show you what we’ve discovered. Based off our research, we begin showing examples of what we can do to help you achieve the goals we talked about before (over coffee).


You will receive from us different design options for your project. We’d like you to take a few days to really review them before making a final decision on what way we’re going to take your project.


While reflecting on the design options, you will deliver to use any information that needs to be included in your project. Examples of this would be pricing information, legal information, history, etc


Using your selected design and information, it’s time to start working on the final version of your project! This includes shooting video, creating graphics, and any other design work.


Of course we want you to be happy with what we completed! Before delivering the final product, you get another chance to review and reflect on what we’ve done and make necessary changes.


If everything looks good, it’s time to release our work to you. We deliver your final product in whatever formats you need to proudly show off what you’ve created. Congratulations!

Our Promise to You

We create eye-catching digital media by utilizing the latest technology combined with the expertise, talents, and creativity of our staff to craft any project that meets your needs. We promise personalized attention to ensure a clear understanding of your project including budgets, deadlines, and the intended audience. We guarantee successful competition of our projects with professional results.
-John P. Taylor, Owner & Creative Director

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The name says it all, creative! Whether you need a commercial done or a wedding covered,
I guarantee your have come to the right place!
-Heather Liening, Xpressions By Heather

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